Wherever You Go...  GO WITH ALL YOUR HEART


Since we are wrapping up Valentine's Day I thought I would showcase a heart necklace and explain a bit about the details of this piece.  When people ask me how do I know something is authentic and how do I go about authenticating, I can always supply a ready list of the usual ways, but now I want to talk about the not so usual ways that come with experience and knowledge of the brand.  A brand that uses glass pearls and not plastic so the piece has a bit of weight and the pearls look genuine.  A brand that sometimes includes an extra jump ring so you can wear it at two lengths.  A brand that doesn't factory manufacture so you can see the details that go into every piece when you look closely, like the rope border around the heart or how the seed pearls are placed perfectly into a subtle CC signature logo.  

This is a brand that has costume jewelry dating back almost 100 years because they specialize in quality and take pride in everything they do.  We will be posting an "about us" and "authenticating" blog soon, but in the meantime we are always here by e-mail, text, phone or the contact us link if you ever have any questions.

Feb 14th 2020