Be still my heart... IT'S CHANEL'S MÉTIERS D'ART

Be still my heart... IT'S CHANEL'S MÉTIERS D'ART

ELLE Magazine asked, "Is this the most important fashion show on earth?" and the answer is yes. Lagerfeld created the Métiers d'Art Collection almost 20 years ago as a way to highlight the work of the artisans and ateliers behind the face of Chanel. It takes place every December and it's unique to Chanel making it the most anticipated show of the year.

The 2021 Métiers d'Art Show took place at Le 19M which is a new building constructed in Paris dedicated to Chanel's craftsmanship and now home to 600 artisans, embroiderers, feather workers, paruriers, goldsmiths, pleaters, shoemakers, hatters, milliners, glove makers, tanners and leatherworkers. Behind the jewelry there is Goosens, the hats is Maison Michel, Massaro for the shoemaker and on and on and on. These masters of their art have been perfecting their craft for generations, and most are independent and work for other fashion houses.

Chanel herself met with Goosens in 1954 to be her gold specialist, she asked Massaro to develop the bi-color shoe which is now iconic Chanel and it was in 1960 that she asked Lemarié to create the camellia in a fabric version. There is a magic to this brand, what Chanel describes as uncomplicated luxury, exceptional pieces, traditional craftsmanship and timeless designs.

It all comes down to the chain in the hem of a Chanel tweed jacket so it hangs perfectly straight around your body, the extra jump ring in a costume jewelry necklace so you can wear it at two lengths and the hand beaded flap bags that take 18 hours to sew. We are so appreciative and inspired by every piece and will be patiently waiting for May of 2022 when the next Métiers d'Art Collection will be released in boutiques.

Feb 16th 2022