Ready, set, jet... CHOUPETTE

Ready, set, jet... CHOUPETTE

Have you often wondered what became of Lagerfeld's beloved cat Choupette? The cat who had modeling gigs, product collabs, a social media director and a personal driver. Fret no longer because Choupette seems to be doing better than fine. She recently celebrated her 11th birthday in style aboard a private jet complete with gifts, balloons and what appears to be a shrimp cake. Lagerfeld spoke so fondly of Choupette and we are happy to see she's in good hands. If you're curious for more updates, you can follow her social media account @choupetteofficiel where she's an actual verified member of Instagram with her own checkmark. There you can see her with her piercing blue eyes lounging at the lake, playing in Chanel shopping bags and enjoying long naps in grassy fields. Happy Birthday Choupette and we miss you Karl!

Sep 10th 2022