Take me... TO COCO'S BEACH

Take me... TO COCO'S BEACH

We are suckers for a good limited edition anything and the 2022 Chanel Coco Beach Collection is just what we're needing right now. In between some of these less than exciting seasons we've been hit with back to back, along comes something special and exciting! Chanel describes it as laidback allure, adorned with refined details, for jaunts to sunny climes, elevated with a playful twist and the signature of a lifestyle dedicated to the sunlight.

The actress Margaret Qualley who also happens to be the daughter of Andie MacDowell and a house ambassador for Chanel, was chosen to represent this collection of beachwear that includes bathing suits, flip flops, jewelry, handbags, clothing and even sunglasses. The textiles range from denim to tweed to terry and the colors are vibrant and energetic.

We are sure these pieces won't be easy to find as they are available in limited quantities at select boutiques. It's okay, we're not greedy...

We just want these shoes:

And this bikini, bracelet and body:

Grab your beach tote and meet us where the sky touches the sea!

Jul 16th 2022