Thirty Seven Ways...  TO TIE A CHANEL SCARF.

Thirty Seven Ways... TO TIE A CHANEL SCARF.

I have just one new and fascinating Chanel silk chiffon scarf up for grabs. When I saw it, I started thinking about Samantha from SATC when she threw the pool party in the Hampton's and wore the Chanel head scarf. I'm worried I can't pull it off and I'll end up looking like a doe eyed cartoon character who has been swallowed up by her scarf. What to do? WHAT TO DO? I know... Google the other 36 ways to tie it!

My point is, you can't go wrong with a scarf. Wrap it around your neck or your head or you can even tie it to your Birkin like Posh Spice and meet somebody who looks like Becks who asks you to marry him all because of your Chanel scarf. 

Jul 16th 2018