We're beautiful… ♪ ♫ LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY ♪ ♫

We're beautiful… ♪ ♫ LIKE DIAMONDS IN THE SKY ♪ ♫

We get asked about these earrings a lot.  I mean a lot, a lot and as of this post we have exactly one pair in stock.  They are so popular and sell out so fast that Chanel recently made them part of their continuous collection.  That means you might be fortunate enough to be put on a waiting list if you've got the hook up.  They've been worn by lots of celebrities and real housewives and we are here to tell you why...  They are freakin' fabulous!  Just the size of them, the uniqueness of the broken up word CHANEL, the sparkle they give off from every direction and because we love absolutely anything that most people won't have a chance to acquire.

We know they come at a premium, but like all Chanel jewelry, they will last you a lifetime if you take care of them properly.  You'll be the only girl at the party with these on.  There are a lot of fake versions of these earrings out there and they are either too small, too big, shaped incorrectly and just obvious fakes.  You'll always know yours are the real deal.  And finally, because these are now classics and we would wear them as quickly with our jeans and white tee as we would to a black tie evening.

Feb 24th 2021