What does a monkey know... OF THE TASTE OF GINGER?

What does a monkey know... OF THE TASTE OF GINGER?

Simply stated - Someone who can't understand, can't appreciate. I thought this proverb would fit nicely with these absolute vintage masterpiece Chanel earrings. It's very hard to explain to people who don't love what you love, why you would spend so much money on something. It's not very often when a woman doesn't try to justify her $5,000 handbag (or in the case of a classic flap, over $10,000 now) to another woman who has rudely asked her, "How much did that cost?"

We value things that will hopefully last a lifetime, that are made by artisans to stand the test of time both in style, function and structure, and most likely in the case of Chanel will increase in value even if it's been loved. These CHANEL vintage jumbo gold and pearl No. 5 earrings are from 1987 when Lagerfeld wore tie pins and black aviator glasses, when his muse was Ines de la Fressange and when everything was covered in the No. 5 all over the runway.

Now 35 years later these are an iconic rarity that you won't find anywhere else. This is our first time to offer them in over 15 years of selling Chanel. They are in excellent condition and we come up short for words to describe how amazing they are in person.

So the next time somebody asks you how much something you're wearing costs, tell them to mind their own business. Seasons Greetings!

Nov 28th 2023