Most people who love Chanel know that Gabrielle was a very superstitious woman, but lesser known is how much her superstitions have been incorporated into the items the house produces. It's done in such a clever, unsuspecting way that you don't realize the iconic pieces you wear are associated with the things she collected and believed in the magic of.

Gabrielle was fascinated by astrology and numbers. The famous N°5 perfume was chosen when the samples presented to her were numbered 1 to 10 and she chose 5 based on her belief in that number being lucky. She had 5 boutiques on Rue Cambon and named her 2.55 bag for the year she chose to release it in 1955. She had 5 favorite colors and there were 5 themes to her first jewelry collection.

She was also born under the sign of the Leo and truly believed in her horoscope and the power of the constellations.  She had lions everywhere and wore her birthstone Topaz often. You can find lions on the buttons of Chanel suits, in her jewelry collections both costume and fine along with statues throughout her Paris apartment. 

And finally Chanel thought there was magic in flowers, especially the camellia which was the first bouquet the Duke of Westminster ever gave her. She made this flower her signature and it can be found in every collection for decades including on shoes, clothing, handbags and most famously the camellia pins and brooches.

Now all of these things and so many more are considered "lucky charm" items that Lagerfeld used in his collections for the last several decades. The recurring theme of her superstitions have become the brands signature in so many ways and we look forward to how each might be incorporated into the next season.

Jan 16th 2023