Life is short...  EAT DESSERT FIRST

Life is short... EAT DESSERT FIRST

I remember waking up the morning of this Chanel Fall 2014 Ready-to-Wear show and reveling in every little detail I could find as the blogs and websites starting filling up with picture after picture.  Lagerfeld in his genius had turned the runway into a supermarket and relabeled at least 500 products from "Tweed Orange" soda to "The Little Black Tea" until there was no pun left unturned.  A brass shopping basket interlaced with black calfskin helped for loading up your items and who can forget Karl holding hands with Cara Delevingne to close out the show or Rihanna being pushed in a shopping cart by Joan Smalls with her hands full of "Coco Carbone" car oil.

I hunt for items from this collection both for my personal treasure trove and to offer up to others.  Right now we have two bracelets including the famous candy "Sweetie" clear lucite cuff and the orange lucite & green crystal cuff.  These are not only collectors items but they are novelty pieces that should be worn and loved and shown off.  Attached are some of our favorite images from the day and the two pieces currently available on our website.

Sep 19th 2021