The past is solid... THE FUTURE IS LIQUID

The past is solid... THE FUTURE IS LIQUID

Picture the 2011 runway show in Spring. Picture tall, leggy models all wearing this amazing liquid ombre necklace and looking pretty much the same, but not really. Now picture Ines de la Fressange emerging in all her glory and taking those steps she hasn't walked for CHANEL since 1990. She is different, she is iconic and she was the face of CHANEL and Lagerfeld's muse for 7 years. Now she's back in his good graces after an argument that took place over 20 years ago.

Almost every runway model that show was wearing this necklace. Most of them were wearing more than one and it came in several sizes that all sold out instantly. I love this necklace. I worship it. I want to be it. I have it for sale.

It feels like liquid metal, very soft and cold and heavy and substantial. The black and gold make an ombre effect and it's not surprising Lagerfeld was doing ombre before ombre was doing ombre. Come and get it, it won't last long and I'm going to keep it for my greedy self unless it goes soon.

May 22nd 2022