The design and look of the limited edition Chanel Advent Calendar was initially super special and the buzz was just beginning with an $825 price tag and a "sold out" sign everywhere you looked.  I almost pulled the trigger just out of general curiosity and my undying love for the brand.  The calendar starts on the 5th as it was created to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the perfume and it has a full 27 days with the calendar ending on the 31st.  Now that it's reached the buyers doorsteps, the internet is crazy with negative comments, posts and pictures.

It started on Tik Tok with users posting videos of their daily unveiling starting with a 1.5 ml. perfume sample.  For those of you wondering, 1.5 ml. equates to about the size of a syringe.  Out of the 27 days, five of those days contain stickers, two contain bookmarks, two contain keyrings, there is a plastic bracelet, one has just a Chanel pouch and a lot of the others simply contain the giveaways you get with purchase that have flooded eBay over the years.

Of course there are some great reveals like a cute #5 bracelet, some lipsticks, a full size perfume and a full size bottle of red nail polish, but we have to wonder...  Is it worth the cost?  I think most people who decided to take the leap and purchase the calendar did so because it's an exclusive, they have a love of Chanel and they might also have some extra bucks to spend to have a little fun surprise every day.

Chanel responded to the controversy, not with a real apology, but with a statement that had the word sorry in it and by saying the reaction was "a bit of a shame" and that they are "sorry that the calendar may have disappointed some people."  Chanel also pointed out that their website details the packaging of all 27 boxes and that they are filled with mysterious delights and surprises.  A piece to treasure for years to come.  Message me and tell me what you think.  I gotta say, it's almost worth the price tag for just the box!  Happy Holidays!

Dec 12th 2021