We Miss...  KARL

We Miss... KARL

The new release of Chanel's Métiers D'Art Collection for 2020 has got us all up in our Karl feelings.  We want to be excited for Virginie Viard, who for the first time solely produced this collection, but she's playing it safe and relying on what fashion insiders and Virginie herself call "the house codes" which include camellias, tweeds, chains and pearls.  Of course everything is beautiful and chic, because Chanel wouldn't have it any other way, but the ode to Chanel's apartment with birdcages and the gathering of supermodels on Coco's apartment stairs seems a bit stale and lacking passion.  We want to be inspired.  We want Karl.

The addition of old is new with buttons as a throwback to the sewing theme, the perfume necklaces and sautoirs a plenty bring us back to our safe and happy place, but we've just realized we are kinda bored there.  It wasn't just the presence of Karl at every show, it was his energy, his love of Coco and all that is Chanel, the way he chose to be the one to photograph the campaigns, his arrogance and venerability.  We know he can't be replaced so we will be steadfast in our devotion for the brand and wait patiently for the next collection to hopefully set our hearts on fire once again.  

Jul 25th 2020