Seriously Sexy...  CHANEL SAUTOIRS

Seriously Sexy... CHANEL SAUTOIRS

I just can't resist them! The extra long ones are my favorite and so is the versatility to wear it crazy long, double it triple it or even sometimes quadruple it.  I go so overboard layering them I get called Mr. T. I can't pace myself. To me they epitomize all that is Coco Chanel. Classy, elegant and timeless. There is a complexity to their simplicity. Layering sautoirs is like an addiction. Coco herself said, "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on." I always take her advice and then I add two more sautoirs!

For the holidays I always buy some new staple pieces in basic colors like a cream cashmere sweater, a pair of black silk slacks and of course a little, black dress.  Then I splurge on one standout piece of jewelry like this Chanel Gripoix, pearl and coin satuoir that is currently up for sale.  I'll switch up the basics, but the one piece of Chanel steals the show and remains the same.

Nov 18th 2019