The History...  OF CHANEL

The History... OF CHANEL

This timeline of the history of CHANEL was originally published in more detail on Chanel's website and we found it too interesting not to share in a much more abbreviated format with bullet points of events.  It's a whirlwind of more than a century and the respect and tribute the house pays to the legendary Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel is why we know they will be around for another 100 years.

1910 - "Coco" opens a hat boutique at 21 Rue Cambon under the name "Chanel Modes."

1913 - Chanel opens her first boutique in Deauville and begins to sell sportswear.

1915 - Chanel opens her first couture house in Biarritz with over 300 workers.

1918 - Chanel opens the famous 31 Rue Cambon boutique which remains the flagship store today.

1921 - Chanel launches her N°5 perfume in a partnership with perfumer Ernest Beaux.

1924 - Chanel launches her first make-up collection with powders and lipsticks.

1925 - Chanel launches her Gardénia perfume with Ernest Beaux who is now the first in house perfume designer.

1927 - Chanel launches her first skincare range with a total of 15 products.

1928 - Chanel builds "La Pausa" Villa on land she purchased in the South of France.

1931 - Chanel leaves for Hollywood to dress actresses for United Artists Studio.

1932 - Chanel presents more than 45 pieces of high jewelry in her only high jewelry collection.

1939 - Chanel closes her couture house during World War ll along with four other boutiques and only 31 Rue Cambon remained.

1954 - Chanel has a comeback at the age of 71 with a fashion show and the reopening of her couture house.

1955 - Chanel creates the famous 2.55 handbag named after the date of creation.

1956 - Chanel creates the trimmed tweed suit.

1957 - Chanel creates the two-tone pumps.

1970 - Chanel launches her N°19 perfume in a partnership with Henri Robert.

1971 - The legend Gabrilel Chanel dies at her apartment in the Ritz where she had resided for over 30 years.


Apr 4th 2021